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The Christmas Day total finally revealed!

Happy New Year everyone! It seems like an age since I last posted. Ryan had some time off work between Christmas and New Years so we took the opportunity to have some family time. We don't see each other much during December, so we like to have a catch up in January. Still, I feel a bit bad that I haven't let you all know the totals. So this is what has happened since my last post almost a month ago:

We were at 354 quilts on 13th December. Our last class was Thursday 19th December and we had a pretty relaxed time with most of the ladies doing the Christmas projects we had planned before the fires came. However, a lot of quilts had arrived during the week with quilters trying to get them in before Christmas. It was heaps of fun opening all the parcels and photographing the quilts! A super fun box to open came from Blanketlovez. They sent an amazing 31 quilts! I would highly recommend checking out their webpage. What a fantastic job they are doing.

And to add to a very exciting day, I received a lovely bunch of flowers and a card from my ladies (which made me all misty). But the thing that really made me cry was a beautiful card addressed to "Tracey Greenaway and her Quilting Ladies" in a parcel of quilts from Bobby McCarthy. If you have been following the blog you would have seen that Bobby and her group have already sent down lots of quilts and supplies, so I was surprised to see more from Bobby. In the card was a cheque for me to use for the encouragement of my ladies, not to buy more wadding or fabric for the appeal, but spend on something just for the ladies to encourage and uplift them, to give them a treat as they work so hard. What a gift, so thoughtful, generous and caring. Especially coming from someone who has already been so generous to the appeal. Of course, I couldn't read the card out to the group because I was so teary, but Chris stepped in and read it out, and the look of happy surprise around the room was priceless. In fact, I have a big lump in my throat as I write this down even now. I haven't spent the money yet, but when I do (and it will be soon), I'll show you what we did.

By the end of the day we were up to 417 quilts with 6 days until Christmas. That means Edna, Di, Pat, Dianne and Shirley were out of the guessing competition.

I made these Christmas Wreaths for the class with a Choc Ripple biscuit base and peppermint icing swirl.
Super easy to make. I used half butter and half Copha in the icing so it would hold it's shape in the heat.

On Christmas Day we went to the service at The Salvation Army and there was one more box of quilts from The Star Sea Quilters in Cleveland, Queensland. It was a busy day and we didn't get to count them until later.

Christmas morning excitement

Eddie was ecstatic about his new tennis balls. He destroyed 2 in 15 minutes.
This was his face when we removed the remaining balls for later.

Bessie's Christmas outfit

Eating breakfast with the gingerbread houses ready for decorating at lunch with the family.

Merry Christmas from us! (photobombed by Eddie)

And now that I have kept you in suspense, I can tell you that the last box of quilts brought us to the grand total of 427 quilts on Christmas Day!!! Can you believe it?!?!?!?

That means Jan P, Sue, Margaret M and Beverley were out of the guessing competition and the winner is Robyn B.

Well done everyone! Can't wait to see how many we will have by March 2014!

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