The Basics

Our Goal:
200 by Christmas 2013
400-500 (at least) by March 2014

These numbers are an estimate. We are still in Spring, and with this Summer shaping up to be bad for bushfires, we may need to have extra quilts ready just in case the worst happens.

We will take any size. Whatever size you can manage is fine. We won't have as much of a demand for cot and lap size quilts, but if that is all you can manage, then that is great! Not all quilts end up on a bed, so you don't need to make standard bed size quilts. Lots of people like to have quilts in the lounge room to snuggle under while watching TV, or hung on the wall as an artwork. If you would like to make art quilts or wall hangings quilts, I am sure they will be appreciated as many people won't want to look at bare walls in their home.

Ideally, we would prefer finished quilts, but we will accept tops as well. If you are sending a top only, we would appreciate a reel of machine quilting thread as well if you have a spare one. It doesn't have to be a new reel. Half used reels are fine.

Donations of supplies:
Always happily received. We are after fabric for backings and tops, wadding, and machine quilting thread. Any spare safety pins you have will be appreciated, too.

Anything is fine, although we would like a lot of unisex, modern, masculine or single colour quilts. These appeal to a wide age age. Also, football team or green and gold quilts would be good. Please make sure the fabric you are using is pre-washed if you are making a quilt with strong colours. For example, if you're making Sydney Swans quilt with red and white homepun or muslin. You just know that red is going to run if you haven't washed and checked it first!

You can label the quilt if you like, however it is not compulsory. I know some quilters want to make quilts anonymously. It is totally up to you.

Please deliver, Attention Tracey Greenaway, to:

The Salvation Army Springwood Corps
15-23 Francis Road


The Salvation Army Springwood Corps
PO Box 104

Delivery in person:
If you are coming to deliver quilts in person, please come and join us for a lovely morning tea and fresh, locally roasted coffee. If you belong to a group, why not make a day out of it! We are at the hall on Thursdays from 10am - 12 noon. We would love to meet anyone who makes quilts, and we could show you how the progress is going, where the quilts will be displayed, some burnt bush (nothing like seeing it in person), and we can put you to work on the quilts for a little bit (in between coffee and cake). Just let me know a few days beforehand so we can do the morning tea justice.

Contact details:
You can phone me on (02) 4754 4757, or use the Contact Me button on the right for email.

Excess quilts:
If there are quilts left over there are a number of ways they will be used. This will be addressed properly after the distribution of the quilts and we know how many are left over. Quilts made by our own ladies can be sold at our next quilt show to replenish our funds for wadding and fabric for our regular community quilts. All other quilts will go to local Rural Fire Service stations to be used as fundraisers, or to the local Police station to be used for people in crisis, or to the local schools for use in the school or for fundraising, or to our local nursing homes, particularly the ones that were evacuated. If there are still quilts left over, they will be used for families in crisis at Christmas. Of course, other places of need may come up between now and then, too.

All quilts donated to this Appeal will be used in the Blue Mountains area until they are gone.

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