Friday, 15 November 2013

Four weeks and how many quilts?

It is hard to believe that four weeks have gone by since the fires, and then the launch of the Quilt Appeal. Life here will never be the same as before the fires. That's not to say life is going to be worse or better, just that it will be different. It is a defining moment in our history.

It seems that I can't really pinpoint where the four weeks have gone. Its all been a blur for me, and I have not lost my house or been displaced during that time. I can't imagine what this past month would be like for those who have.

So, where does that leave us with our goal to provide a handmade, one-of-a-kind quilt for those who have lost everything? I am very pleased to announce that we have made and/or collected 97 quilts and 6 knitted blankets in 4 weeks! That is almost halfway to our goal of 200 quilts by Christmas.

The Photo Gallery has been updated with every quilt we have so far, and who made it as far as we know. It is definitely worth a cup of coffee and an extended browse.

If the enthusiasm and excitement of today's class is anything to go by, I am sure we will reach our goal. We are so excited by how it is going. Keep up to good work everyone!

Isn't this quilt amazing?!?!

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